Wholesaler needs a little guidance

Hi I am new to REI and I am starting out as a wholesale investor. I have done my work to build my buyers list and I am going out to look at properties tomorrow and hopefully make some offers. I am in Joliet, IL and I am still in need of a wholesale friendly lawyer/title company. If anyone has any good information to offer I would appreciate it.

What exit strategies are you planning to use.

If you’ve found your way to some cash buyers just about every title company in the world is “Friendly”…

Here’s a lesson that I have my mentoring students do if they haven’t found cash buyers yet., just sit down for 20 minutes and call every title company in town till you find one.

I’m guessing there’s not more than 20, so 1 minute a call.

I have yet to have this method NOT work. Good luck man.

Thanks…I have been trying to get a referal from other wholesalers without much success. My next step was going to be call every title company becuase I would like to get a deal going here soon. Thanks again for the advise!

Attend your local Real Estate Investment Association. More then likely there will be people who work for title companies there promoting their firms. The companies that frequent and promote their businesses to investors at the REIA tend to be most importantly “INVESTOR FRIENDLY”!