Wholesaler in SE Texas

Just wondering if there were any experienced wholesalers on here from the Houston/Beaumont/Pt Arthur area who wouldn’t mind letting a newbie follow them through the process of one deal. I have started advertising and expect to get some opportunities shortly. I feel confident on most of the process for finding the right home, but I am unsure on the contracts, title work, and closing process. Thanks in advance for any help.

Try networking a little at your local REIA meeting. I’m sure you’ll find some people to give you some guidance.


Thanks Rich, I did find out we have one in Beaumont that meets the 2nd Monday of each month. So I will go to my first in about 2 weeks to see how it is. Just from a newbies perspective, there is not much REI advertising in my area. I have found only a couple of numbers in the local paper and not muchmore on the net. Maybe that means the market is fairly untapped down here or they have a tight circle.

Thanks for your advice as always.