wholesaler in Los Angeles?

Hi! I found a property I want to wholesale, but I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out what contract to use. CA normally uses an 8 -page contract with plenty of complicated riders. Are there any wholesalers in LA out there who can point me to a legal SIMPLE contract? Also, I’ve been having a hard time finding a title company here who will accept assignment contract. (The ones I talked to had never even heard of them and weren’t comfortable with the idea.)

So, if you know a: what contract to use and b: which title company to use, I would be grateful.

Thank you,

Hi Katy,

As far as finding a title company, I would post an ad on Craigslist that said something like “Looking for an investor friendly title company.”

Craigslist gets a ton of traffic, and it’s free…

Steph :cool

Contact your local real estate club. They should help you. You should have several in your area. Go to the meetings, too. Talk to people. They’ll tell you.