Wholesaler asking question for Rehabbers

hello im a wholesaler, my question is for the rehabbers, i wanted to know how much do you guys normally get profit wise from another wholesaler?. im asking because i was curious if i was leaving my rehabbers enough? example: i wholesale a single family home for 27k needing 20k repairs arv is 110k.

typically I use the “70” percent rule. If the ARV is 110k, times that by .7 and that would give you the total cost that I would be willing/able to buy the property for. in this case 77k would be the highest that I would offer you for your property. The reason for the magical 70% number is that most hard money lenders will not lend above 70% of the after repair value of the home. on top of that I subtract 5-10% from the average comps in the area to push a speedy sale of the property.

For us, our rule of thumb is we want to be no more than 80% ARV after all is said and done.
Meaning purchase, rehab, taxes, and if our exit strategy is to resale then we include the listing fee.
We feel that gives us the best opportunity to profit. And if you’re not profiting then you’re in the wrong business.

If I am going to flip a property, my minimum profit on a deal needs to be 15% of what I am selling it for. I use a different calculation than most to get there where my profit has to come out of the MAO calculation.

Let’s Say I am going to buy a house that I’m going to rehab and resale for $100k, with repairs of $10k. I price my profit into the deal before I sell it, like this:

Resale price $100k
Times 65%= $65k
Less repairs = $10k
Equals the most I would be willing to pay for it $40k

I know that there is a $35k difference between the $65k and $100k that most people would consider to be profit. Unfortunately, when reselling any property you never know what the end buyer will actually qualify for or be willing to pay, so you may need to reduce your asking price to adjust for this. You also need to account for your holding costs and marketing expenses out of that $35k