wholesaler...advertise on budget

I want to wholesale, but I do not have very much $$$ at all for marketing. I have about $300. What would be the biggest bang for my buck? How should I advertise to get sellers for the least amount of $$$?

Let’s start with what you can do for $FREE$ and leave the $300 in your pocket for now. You can start by advertising on sites like Craigslist.com and Backpage.com. Next tell EVERYONE you know, see or meet that you are a wholesaler and you’re looking to buy property. If you have a lot of friends, a large family and come into contact with plenty of people this should grow your network quite a bit. Also, spend a few bucks on business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet. Gas station clerks, bartenders, hairdressers, waitresses, attorneys, etc. Tell them you pay $500 for each lead that leads to a purchase. For $20-30 in business cards you now have hundreds of eyes on the streets looking for deals that you can investigate.

Thanks a lot. This advice really helps.

Ok, so you want to be a wholesaler, that means you need to find both sellers of properties and investors to buy them from you.

How about this, how about you network and find an investor that might be willing to help you with the financials of marketing if you give him discounts on the “wholesale” or at least bring the deals to them first?

Try that one. One great place to find these people are at local REI Clubs!

Get 100 bandit signs for $150 + SH from http://www.dirtcheapsigns.com/ and put them in your target neighborhoods. Older neighborhoods would work best.

Also do what the guys said and post on Craigslist. You won’t get many calls, but you will get calls.

Thanks guys!!!