I NEED HELP!!! i am trying to do my first wholesale deal no luck past 6 months , i was wondering is it possible to do one with a realtor? last time i tried they were asking for proof of funds and wanted to close with there agent, how do i do a deal with a realtor ?? or how do i find a seller i always drive around looking for houses!!! and send them a letter. PLEASE HELP!!!..i live in chicago. :cry:

Buying Wholesale is buying a contract from someone who has an option on a property. Wholesalers have lead services in place and should be receiving, screening, and appraising good leads regularly for their end buyers. I suppose ‘wholesaling’ could mean buying well below retail, in any way. But that’s just smart INVESTing.

well , what im trying to do is flip a property , bargain to bargain hunter,trying to make a quick 10k,and im having trouble doing so, does anybody have any good advise finding a seller PLEASE HELP!!!