Wholesale starter

I want to start the wholesale real estate, what is the firs place i can get
a buyers list, they say that i sould go to title companys, how much do they charge for it?

Someone told you that this would be easy didn’t they? Wholesaling is built on relationships that you build over time. Yes you can build a list quickly, but you must develop that list to people that trust your judgment on the bargains that you find. I would join your local REIA in your area and most of the active ones will be interested in what you find. It is also a good place to build those relationships that is necessary for business building.

Where are you located?

new jersey

Get a deal and the buyers will come. Not the flaky ones either, the REAL buyers that know a deal and can close.

No sense in worrying about anything else except learning on how to find a true deal first,


Find my posts in here about the Buyer multiplier or my HUD hound method.

Both of those will build you a solid list of buyers in a matter of days.

The crap about buyer flying out of the woodwork to snatch up hot deals… Don’t believe it.

If it were as easy as finding a house slapping it up on craigslist and sitting around waiting for buyers to come knocking… Everyone would do it.

Eric Medemar

Yea but it is that easy Eric :biggrin

Well…sometimes it is if you know what your doing lol,


Get your buyers list stacked up, and you have cash for days just waiting to be sent your way. You can build this with Craigslist. Next, get sellers to call you. So many people go and waist their time and gas trying to find ugly houses etc… but if the sellers call you then you are at a major advantage. They want your help.

Find out who needs it now and tie up the house. Let your buyers know about it. The first one that brings you binder deposit money has the deal.

About your title company, call then and see what the prices are. That should be the last thing that you should worry about.