Wholesale Reos

1.) when searching the mls my realator/invest told me we should make make offers with dom of 1-12 is that correct? i would think it was the oppossite? he said this way we dont have to compete with multiple offers? what do u think?

2.)new lenders rules( addendum) say we must show chain of title if we are using financing so a double close or simo may not work correct?( no worries if you are paying cash i guess ) but this is my 1st deal so my realotor/investors say we can assign the llc ( kinda pricy?) any input? llc is that the way to go? i would prefer to d doubles but looks they are tightening up::((

usually the REO’s that just hit the MLS are priced at market value and the banks aren’t looking to make a deal yet. You usually have to wait out a few price drops before they are willing to deal. Not always the case, but from what i read more the norm.