wholesale questions

hey guys im new to wholesaling. anyone wholesaling in san diego area. or just in general anyone have any tips for a beginning wholesaler. what are some must do’s and dont do’s? also i have a question i have just created my buyers list and it seems as though everyone of the buers that i’ve talked to when trying to find out their criteria for purchase, they ended up trying to get me to birdogg for them. is this common among experienced investors when talking to new investors or when talking to people who are wholesalers calling to find out their criteria for purchase. hey guys i would love to hear your feedback, it would help me alot. thanks!!!

They are just negotiating with you.

I am also wholesaling and investing
in San Diego and California.

It does not really matter whether
you bird dog or wholesale as long as
you are happy making deals and
making good money for your efforts.

Why not try a little of both?