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I have a home in contract for 60 days. I also have around 30 buyers all interested in homes in the particular neighborhood. I used a state contract and am able to assign the contract.

My question… My potential buyers will be coming at the same time this weekend to view the home. What contract will I need to use for my buyers? Do I place myself as the seller? Do I present my previous contract with the actually home owner as the seller?


You will need an assignment of contract agreement. It is a simple document that states that you are assigning your rights in the contract on 123 Main St. over to your buyer.


does any one have an assignment of contract document preferably in word.doc? I would really appreciate it if you could email it to me my e-mail address is in my profile. Thanks!

If you are simply assigning the contract then you just need an assignment form signed by your new buyer.

If you are going to buy the home and double close it, then you would need a new purchase agreement between yourself and the buyer.

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