Wholesale Question???

I have a seller (couple) who are getting a divorce and want to sell their house. Although they have a mortgage of about 90K+ to pay, and they are about 2 months behind. I pulled comps and the house is worth about 140k. I am meeting them today at 4pm EST.

What should i tell them i can do to bring their mortgage current and wholesale it to my buyers list?

Thanks for any responses in advance.

Howdy Sofreeinc:

I was working all day and just saw your question. How did the meeting go? What are they asking for the house? My favorite question is I know what you are asking but what do you really need? Then I follow up with letting them know that I pay the closing costs which can really add up and I will pay the back payments and taxes and all the other costs and now what is the very minimum for bus fair or relocation expenses? I like to cut it to the bone but still get them enough cash to get out of town.