Wholesale Properties

Are there any investors interested in wholesale properties in South Florida. Focus in Broward County Florida.

Try running an ad in the newspaper.

Investor Needed
Home For Sale

You never know what might happen.

if this does not work. I’ll puke!

post an ad on newspaper or alike etc.

Example: for finding buyers - and answer calls tell them the property is sold and get their info.

$.30 on the dollar!
Tons of equity!!
Must sell right now!!!

and for finding leads:

$$ CA$H! $$$
(813) ###‐####

Rock you get the idea, dont make it hard.

The ad can even be something like …

Handy Man Special
100% Financing
Cash at Closing

Have the calls go to a pager, then you call everyone back and make sure you qualify everyone of them. You’ll get mostly contractors calling more then not. Dont be afraid to ask them what type houses they like, how many guys in their crew, what part of town do they like to buy in etc. You’ll be surprised how they open up. Dont be surprised if they say they pay cash too !!! No financing needed !!! So be in control of the conversation if you have them call you, or when you call back.

Just out of curiousity, would it be equally as acceptable to have folks email you? Reason I ask is typically I am at work all day and in meetings 50% of the time…I can take calls of course when i am available to, but I wouldn’t want to lose folks (hanging up instead of leaving voicemail) because I was in a meeting and couldn’t answer.

Get an answering service I don’t think many people will take the time to email you.