Wholesale or bird dog a deal

How do you know when to wholesale a deal and when to bird dog a deal. :deal

ha? Wholesale it when you have it under contract , you birddog it when other investors have it…can’t understand ur question…

You can always birddog a property that really isn’t a deal but wholesale a property that is a deal.

That’s the question. How do you know what is a wholesale deal ( when you find the deal and do the deal yourself) and birddog deal ( when you find the deal and let another investor do the deal). Is it the numbers or what ? Or am I just asking a apparent question. :help

A wholesaler put properties under contract with the sole intent of assigning that contract for a fee to a rehabber to repair and resell it.

A bird dog is someone who identifies a good real estate deal for a referral fee. Most birddogs are new investor who are trying to break into the business or could be someone looking to earn extra income.

How can you tell if it’s a wholesale deal or a birddog deal? Well, easy if u can’t get $5,000 or more, but you can get $500-$1,000 referral fee it’s a birddog deal. You just found a deal for an investor and if you do it correctly, it’s risk free. It’s all about the numbers. My rule of thumb is to leave 25k-30k left over after all closing cost is done.

I hope this help you.