Wholesale new investor

Hello ,
I am Michigan and have started as a new wholesale investor, I want a mentor to guide me through the first one, I want to do this right. I have read all material possible but there is nothing like a seasoned pro to give advice. I will even talk about sharing profits.


You mean like a partner…?

you dont need one. Two months ago I didn’t know the slightest thing about it now I got my first house under contract with the future holding more for me. Read a book called real estate on steroids

I would agree with INVESTORP.

I did my first deal by learning the process and then going out and making something happen.
I found the house, got it under contract and found a buyer, then I reached out to a mentor.

A mentor is more willing to help you through the deal, even for free if they see you’re doing something and not just looking for advise and wasting time.

Good Luck. Dave