Wholesale marketing

I am trying to get started wholesaling but I live in Louisiana which is a non disclosure state and I feel I am limited to the amount of information available to me and I would like some insight on the best way to market. Here is what I am doing/ want to do:

  1. I have bandit signs which I plan to put out every weekend. I bought blank signs because I heard they have a better response rate. I am in the process of writing my message on them.

  2. I have a list of absentee owners which I am going to send yellow letters to. However, the entire list in my area had only 3000 absentee owners. I plan on sending 300 letters a month. This will not keep me busy for long. What do I do when this list runs out? Are there any other mailing list that you suggest or am I going to be limited to what I can find due to the fact that Louisiana is a nondisclosure state? I initially was going to send these out to find sellers but should I market to them as buyers or both?

  3. I want to send yellow letters to all the for rent ads to find investors wanting to sell or possibly even buy from me.

  4. I want to send letters to landlords that are evicting tenants, homes in probate, and also inherited homes. How can I find these lists? Can I search at the courthouse and if so what do I search for?

  5. I have a meeting with a local realtor that is willing to give me some information off the MLS. I plan on having him search for cash closed transactions in the last six months to help me build my buyers list. I will send these buyers yellow letters

  6. I post on free classifieds everyday looking for buyers.

  7. I will be riding my area to look for vacant houses or ugly houses.

So this is my plan but I am limited on some of it. How does this sound for a long term marketing plan? Can you guys fill in any of the holes in my plan or lead me in the right direction on how to find some of the information I am looking for?

Thanks in advance.

As long a you implement what you say and follow up with sellers and mail to home owners several times then this is a good start. Also, you need to master direct reposnse marketing, sales/negotiations, and have systems in place to manage your leads and follow ups. Getting access to the MLS is highly recommended.

Below is a marketing plan I give to newbies that want to wholesale a proerty in 60 days.

  1.        Cold Calling (daily)

a. for rent ads/ For sale
i. Craigslist, Backpage, other FSBO websites, newspapers, etc
ii. Go to Trulia/Zillow and find people asking about selling
2. Bandit Signs
a. Order 100 to 300 and put across major intersections
3. Ads
a. Vehicle Signs – good quality car magnets on both sides of car.
b. Internet Marketing / Social Media
i. Post ads on Craigslist and Backpage
ii. Set up YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts. Started getting your message out.
4. Learn a certain market (Walk/Drive for dollars)
a. Get to know certain neighborhood. If driving have you car magnets on. If walking distribute flyers door-to-door.
b. Write down vacant and/or ugly houses so you can mail to them a handwritten note and see if their phone number is listed to call them.
5. Direct Mail (postcards and/or letters)
a. Expired listings (need access to MLS or have realtor email)
b. Pick a “hot neighborhood” and mail to it (postcards).
c. Probates

Since you are in a non-disclosure state you need access to the MLS, so you can get listed price for homes in the area.Analyze the results by the proximity to the home you’re considering and similarity of features. If you find a home down the street with the exact same floor plan, the price it is listed for may be a good indicator of what your house is worth.

However for the most accurate valuation you need to liaise with a local real estate agent.

Looks like a good list to me.