Wholesale in GA need your help!

Good morning or Good afternoon to all. There is a property in the Atlanta area that my friend wants to wholesale. It is a fixer and is free and clear, from what I understand. The owner lives out of state and is not into fixing properties. I want to help my friend do this but want to make sure I know what forms are needed in GA etc. This could also be my beginning into wholeselling.

The house is a 3/2 about 1566 sq. ft. In a good situation it will sell for about $170K. But I am thinking of offering between $65-70K since it does need work. By the time I ad all of the costs and a referral/assignment fee for my friend anything over $70K will reduce the profit margin.
I have a lot of the courses from many of you wise and knowledgeable investors but I guess a little hand holding may not be a bad idea for now? I am a lender myself and currently have many commercial acqusition and development projects I am working on. But I want to get started in wholeselling. I live in southern CA and would like to start in CA and Kansas since I visit there often and may actually move there next year.

I appreciate all help.

Thank you

All you need is a “purchase and sale agreement” to be signed by you and the seller and you need an “assignment of contract” to be signed by you and the new buyer. You give those two papers to your attorney who will do the title work and your all done. Good luck.