Wholesale forms NEEDED

From what I understand, and believe me that’s not much at this point, I need two forms to close a wholesale deal:

  1. Contract to buy
  2. Assignment of contract

Are these all I need to make this happen?

Next question, where can I get free copies of these blank documents that are legal for my state? or are they legal in every state?

I tried to find some online, but most sites want to charge a lot of money for them and to be honest, I am dead broke right now.

I will not let that stop me from putting my first deal together, so any information you can all offer would be greatly appreciated.


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Howdy Kmosher:

I viewed it once and did not answer. The Real Estate Commission of each state provides the forms for Realtors. You can get them free from your State’s web site. Also title companies will provide you with forms.

The assignment form is pretty much just a one line agreement and signed by the buyer and you.

I hereby assign the earnest money contract between __________ and _________ dated _______ concerning the property located at _______ to _______ for _________ to be paid at closing or ______ and ______ at closing.

Buyer hereby assumes all duties and obligations under said contract.

There is not much else to it. Your title company mat have one they like to use as well


I found some very helpful and free wholesale
forms at junkers101.com. just check to make sure they comply with your state.