Wholesale Deal/ Help He is Ready

I have a deal where the property owners ex wife, has moved to Arizona but he is ready to sign the contract but wife also owns the home. Clearly I would need everyone on the deed to sign the Purchase agreement, What do I do in this situation.

Get seller to giv u his lowest price, and get him to sign ur contract, then get wife’s address and send her a copy to sign. It don’t always work out but many times it does, they might hate each other, but they want the cash and that can over ride their anger towards each other, at least till the check clears.

Since she is in Arizona and we are in Texas, does she have to be there at closing or can it be done through faxing with the tile company at the time of closing?

or email?

The Title company sends the contract to her by overnight mail, Seller will hire a Notary and signs and overnights the paperwork back. I’m kina glad I didn’t weigh my brain down with all these wat ifs, I sorta figured these things out as they hit me in the face.

Yeah I had a situation where a wife was ready to sell for anything and the husband wanted 20k over market for a abandoned house. I’m always amused at peoples idea of a discount.

We do electronic contracts online. It is a simple contract and can be sent through email or fax. That way you can get the signatures you need and the exes don’t have to see or talk to each other.

Although it doesn’t solve the issue if the wife in AZ doesn’t agree to price/terms, check out services called “Docusign” or “Dotloop” - makes signing contracts at a distance simple and easy.

You can use an electronic signature service. RightSignature has a 7 or 14 day free trial.

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In this case i would have the husband look at the marital decree and see hoe the property is to be split up.
if he does not have the sole right to sell that house, then you will need the cooperation of his ex wife.
just remember, just because the are no longer married that does not mean she would not want to receive half the proceeds from the sale.
please let me know if i can help any further.