Wholesale Contracts

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone use a standard contract to do wholesaling? if so, where can I get one?


You can always use your local contracts and ad “and/or assignees”, then just use an assignment form.

Thanks for you reply;

Whem I look at the standard real estate contract I see several terms that I believe don’t apply to a wholesale deal. For example:
1- Lender pre-approval. Of course, I am not looking to buy the property, therefore; I wont be approved
2- Loan commitment
3- At what point on the contract do I write my escape clauses, i.e. partners approval and so forth.

Any thoughts?


If you’re using local real estate contracts you need to cross out certain lines/paragraphs. Or you could go to staples/office depot/office max and get basic “As is” real estate sales contracts for about $7.

do a google search with keywords “free real estate forms” or “free real estate investing forms” You will find sites with free forms.

Thank you guys for jumping in. The info was just what I needed on the subject of contracts