Wholesale Contract

Should i get my attorney to write me two wholesaling contracts(buyer and seller) in advance that i can edit on the computer as needed for each new transaction or should i get him to write a new one for each transaction?

Besides short and an inspection clause what else would you recommend me to include?

Only have the attorney do one blank for you - you certainly don’t want to pay attorney fees for each copy on every potential deal!!

One sellers contract and one buyers contract correct?

Excuse my ignorance here, but for wholesale deals, would one not use the ordinary state specific residential purchase agreement? Is it necessary to have a special contract drawn up by an attorney?

I agree. That’s what I do. Then I add an addendum that includes my out clause (typically an inspection period) and an access clause so I can show the property to other investors, contractors, and inspectors.

I decided to add a question to this topic instead of making my own.

A few months back I purchased Scott Ristor’s instant cash wholesaling houses, and it comes with a whole lot of contracts to use, I know I have to get it legalized for my state etc, but do I just bring in the forms and ask if I can have them state legalized? or would he allow it? or does it just vary from RE Attorney to Attorney?

Where can i get copies of these contracts and what should i use for my buyers contract?


Every state has an agency of some type that regulates Realtors. The ageny’s website will have these contracts. Also, all states also have a general website e.g., www.myflorida.com from which you can find state agency websites. Or you can find the website via a search engine.

Hope that helps.

I have Florida contracts if you need them - email me.

Where would I find State Specific contracts??

Try www.google.com then type in state real estate agencies or something like that for the state you’re looking for. The state real estate regulatory agency should have state specific contracts on their website.

Ok. I found uslegalforms.com small fee to download many forms, thanks.