Wholesale Buying, lot of properties, no investor buyers

I am new to wholesale buying. I have a lot of properties that I have located, but I just don’t know where do I find investor buyers and a closing agent to create a deal. Is there anyone that can help?

What state are your properties located in?

To find Buyers find your local REIA, meetup.com, or search this forum for more answers (this question has been asked several times).

For a title company ask the buyers you meet who they use or start calling title companies from the phone book.

My properties are in NJ and PA

How would I be able to tell if the people I come across are reputable?

I have same problem i can get properties but no buyers i can get funding to flip short sales and reos

Did you guys trying placing and ad for your deals in the apartments for rents section on craigslist? Also, have you all tried making fliers of your deals and market them at you REIA’s?

Just start marketing, if your deals are good the buyers will find you. Craigslist is trolled by many investors looking for deals. Be diligent with your marketing, you’ll soon find your buyers.