Wholesale Buyers

I am a wholesaler doing deals primarily in Wisconsin. I have had great of success at finding single family homes with equity. My need is to find suitable buyers.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried posting your deals on sites like Craigslist or Backpage?

No, I have not. Have this strategies been successful for you? Thanks for the tip.

It used to be a lot more successful when the market was better. Still get leads from it, just not as many as before.

THE “MARKET” HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Organize and plan your deals in advance. Take note of NEWSGROUP FORUMS: Foreclosure,Short Sales - and Topic "Problems w/owner financing back to original owner to get an idea of what you can do.

If you “reifynet” your pre-foreclosures you can save their home from foreclosure, be the hero, make an excellent ROV (return on investment) with no heavy lifting!!!

Yes, craigs list is a great place to post homes for sale. A lot of investors go there. Also, call every single “we buy houses cash” ad you can find. Go to your local REI club meeting. Bring flyers, write down every single email address you can get. (they may not be int. in that one, but when you get another…)