wholesale buisness card

what do i put on my business cards doing wholesale

Why is this (and all of your posts) in the form of a poll? Do you need assistance navigating/using the site?


LOL that made me lmao kdhaste

Put your information on the card…what are business cards for? To hold your information so people can know what your business is, and how they can contact you.

Was this meant to be a joke? wholesale or wholesale??? HHHMMMMM…I’d say Wholesale. Missjen said it perfect. Put what you do on your card. You want people to know exactly what it is that you do, so use your card to tell them.

Actually, I have sent this user PMs about the same thing with no response.

The Moderators are here to assist users having difficulty using the site, also.



Did you pass along to him that buisness is spelled business?


Nope, unless someone turns really bad, we don’t mark off for spelling!


I voted for wholesale but apparently as of this posting, I’m the only one :biggrin