wholesailing in Charlotte

Hey I was wondering if anyone out there is wholesailing in Charlotte and what kind of success they are having. I am just beginning and could use all the help possible.

I’m birdogging on a fulltime basis. We should do lunch.

I am also investing in Charlotte NC and would love to talk.


Charlotte is growing and beginning to be very prosperous. Lunch is always inviting! :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m not in Charlotte, but I’m in Durham. I’m looking for wholesalers in Durham/Chapel Hill. I’m just starting in the rehab business, and I’m tired of looking through the MLS for deals. Seeking preferably cosmetic rehabbing at first. Not ready for a gut and rebuild opportunity just yet. Looking in the 100K or so ARV range. Email me if you have any possibles.


I am in Charlotte and I am looking for some good rehab/wholesale deals. Why not drop me a note to see what you are looking for as a Bird Dog, or what property deals you may have.

Hello all…I work in the Charlotte area and live in Gastonia. I am new in the business but am now actively seeking out wholesale deals to assign to other investors in and around the Gastonia area. Anyone out there interested in any properties that I may come across?

I would be very interested in any wholesale deals in the
Charlotte Metro area. I live in Pineville and have recently
started purchasing on the South side.


Hey Shelton… I work on the south side…Pineville, right next to the carmel commons shopping center. The area I decided to start ‘farming’ however is going to be mainly the Eastern Gastonia area where I live. However, I will still be taking some time to seek out properties in Charlotte as well. I will look up your contact info on your propfile and add it to my list of investors and will certainly call you if(when) I find anything. What is your criteria for buying a property? You can email me directly if you like… email address is in my profile. I would also be willing to meet you for lunch sometime as well to discuss the details of possibly doing business in the future.