Wholesailing a wholesale deal.

I was contacted by a wholesaler who asked if I had any buyers for his property. What is the proper way to market and sell the property to my buyer’s list, as a wholesaler myself? Seems pretty complicated because of what I don’t know.

Send his deal to your buyers, and refer the interested ones to the other wholesaler. Work out a mutually agreeable split with the other wholesaler and follow up to make sure you get paid.

Use either a flex option or a JV agreement.

If you price the property at “wholesale” (priced below the minimum price range for that property), congratulations, you are automatically a wholesaler! :biggrin
It is a good practice to contact other wholesalers and work out mutual agreements - they might have properties in areas that your buyers are interested in and viceversa. I send out a survey to my buyers’ list every few months from my autoresponder service, to find out what type of properties they are looking for, areas, and how much. With that information, I go shopping!
Reputable and experienced wholesalers will not stab you in the back, so make sure you know who you work with. Real Estate is a small world and even in a big city, stories spread around if they are scamming wholesalers, and no one wants that, if they plan on doing business for a while. And with the Internet nowadays, bad reputation follows you around :biggrin

New to the Game. wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to build buyers and sellers list to wholesale real estate. Trying to find the most list generating system thank u