wholesailing a pre-foreclosure

I have finally started to take the right steps in the wholesailing process. I am mailing around 10 pre-foreclosures daily that I am recieving the day of the notice. I am only mailing the ones that have a higher tax appraisal than sales price, therefore having some equity built in. My hope is that out of 60 letters a week, I can land atleast one deal this month. My question is how would I go about getting my CASH buyers into a pre-fore house? I ask this because I would guess most are still owner occupied. I know with a vacant home you can just ask for keys or enter whenever, but what is the best practice when dealing with owners in pre-fore? Just meet up with my buyer and act like he/she is an appraiser? Thanks for everyones help!


Your contract needs to have an “Inspection Contingency” in it that allows you access to the property as often as necessary. This will allow you to bring your INSPECTORS (prospecive buyers) into the property to determine if they are interested in buying.