who wants to be a millionaire?

I will need people with a sense of urgency, self worth , and the willingness to better themselves on a constant level. I will show you how to both trade on your own in the stock market and to invest in real estate.

ok, I want to be a millionaire. PLEASE, tell me how.

And a willingness to be led by someone who in 19 words can break five grammatical errors and all in his first post.

Only 20 if written properly. 19 as is.

RB & SW…You’re killing me here! :smiley:

You managed to break a smile out of me. My thoughts exactly, but I didn’t have the guts to post them.

…not to be picky but I found at lease seven errors!

Now stop picking on him – I believe he has something he’s trying to say – maybe it will change someone’s life!

jimmy t, tell us!

or he’s trying to sell something ::slight_smile:

I would first like to see a financial statement showing that he has at least a million himself. That certainly is the best proof that his system works.
Would you all agree with that request?

OK, let’s assume I take the pay cut-- what do I get? :stuck_out_tongue:

RA heh heh heeeeeeeeaaaaaly?

-Ace Ventura ;D

Sir Jimmy t:
In all fairness, I want to be that millionaire you’re takling about. What, where, when and how will be this be?

For some reason you sent me an instant mesage that stated that at least you were able to buy a car for your daughter cash…
Was that supposd to impress me. If that is what you consider big money then I would be very wary of your credentials.

If you told me you bought her a brand new mercedes 560sl and a garage attached to a 6,000 sq ft house to keep it in, then I would have started to be impressed.

Jim also PM’ed me “how original”. guess you didn’t like my joke?

At any rate, I reviewed all your posts there Jimbo, and you make all these claims…yet you’ve deilvered no content.

If you do have a proven method, why not share it?

I look forward to reading your next post and hopefully it will be educational to all.


whats going on Jimmy why havent you responded yet? we are all excited about what you have to say.



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
can you send me a million now !!!

The responses to this post belong on Anal Retentive REI club. Counting grammar errors. C’mon guys/gals.

Since when do you have to spell well to get rich?
Since when do you have to know perfect grammar to be a millionaire?