Who said the socialists aren't smart?

This socialist moron (Democratic Representative) is worried that stationing 8,000 additional US troops and their families on Guam might cause it to tip over and capsize! Actually, that’s not fair (to morons) - this socialist has a LONG climb to reach anything close to the level of moron!

I don’t know how Admiral Willard kept from bursting out in laughter. Military discipline, I guess.


Christ… :banghead :anon :rolleyes

Wow, this man is making laws that affect me. I am very afraid.

“Clearly this guy is an idiot. Everybody knows that Guam is filled with helium and that all of those people are required to weight it down so it won’t float off into space.Holy Cow”


I voted for this schmuck. j/k

That’s scary.

I think that most politicians are self-serving, manipulative, and not completely honest, but they generally aren’t both uneducated and stupid.

This guy can’t even talk, and yet he managed to get himself elected to a position where he is making law for the USA.

Ok seriously… this is a joke right? April fools or something?

Oh, well… could be April Fools or something from The Onion. I didn’t check to see if the guy really is a representative.

It’s possible to cobble together a bunch of false stuff with the computer.

I did a little research. This guy IS a Represenative. This is legit…


That was a riot, you really shouldn’t drink before you have a hearing.

“So its 12 miles by…hic…uh 7 feet…wait miles hic”

So if a politician is a democrat and he does something dumb he’s a socialist moron? It’d be a lot nicer on this board if folks toned down on the name calling. I’m not being preachy here, but if we want to grow this website we should make it appealing to everyone, not just people who are anti-whatever administration we have now.

It’s ok. Don’t worry. We’ve got people on both sides so we have no shortage of people to hate an administration no matter who’s in charge.
Since Guam is apparently so unstable, he’s probably also worried about it floating into another nearby island.