who orders the bpo?

do i call the lender and ask them to order a bpo, or do i hire an appraiser?

It is the lender that orders one.
You can order one to get you an opinion, but why waste your
$, when you can get a ballpark value based on comps.


Once you have sent in your authorization to release it normally takes 24-48 hours for it to be in the lenders system.

You should call and find out who the mitigator is ( if it has been assigned )
once put throught to them, ask for the short sale packeage to be faxed to you and ask at that point if a BPO has been done.

They will either say YES ( then ask if was only a drive buy… then request an internal, because of the issues that the BPO could not have possibly seen from his car)

If they say NO still request a BPO and always make sure you are the contact.

If it is FHA or VA a full appraisal will be ordered by the bank, but usually a BPO is done by a realtor.
This will give you huge leverage when it comes to contesting the BPO, " with all due respect, what do they know about repairs, they are not licensed contractors.

If you can back it up you win.