Who Loans on Manufactured homes w/land

Hi Im looking for a broker who can get a 100% owner occupied manufactured loan for buyer, the buyer has 577 middle score and the purchase price is 128k

This is for manufactured home with land that just appraised to 128k and purchase price is 128k, buyer is employed for 5 years at same job and has an income of 120k per year but low 577 credit score.

Who can get this deal financed in the shortest amount of time?

Where is the property?


How soon do you need this done? I have a list of 30 lenders. I need to updated it soon. Been very busy.I should have this list updated by next week. But what I do recommend i s to check your credit to see what is yours and not yours.Removing things that is incorrect may boost your score up. All those credit repair people charge around 1500 to do it, but I have the forms I can email you to do it yourself at no cost. After that there is a program that I have … it is a what if credit simulator that gives me solution to boost up your score.That 's technology.If you are not in a hurry we can prepare to clean credit so that way when you are ready you will get better rate… benefits… money saved. If I was in your shoes that is the path I would take.Plus there will always be other properties , I know this because I am also in the foreclosure business side and also associated with HUD- Housing Urban Development. HUD predicted 40 million foreclosure in the next 5 years across USA. I have see in just CA .People who lose on average 100,000 in equity in Single family resident.Purchase of manufacured is easy with the right fico score, but to refinance that is a problem, because manufactured do not appreciate as much as a regular house.Have they consider a regular house.What if I can find a house in foreclosure in Florida?

I hope this help.

Sorry, but I just have to ask… Why does a person making 120K per year need a 100% loan on a 128K property? They would almost have 10% down with one months wages…