Who knows about Historical/Landmark Neighborhoods?

I got a question not too long ago from one of our newsletter subscribers about investing with Historical and Landmark Properties and I had no idea about this niche of investing. Asked around in our inner group and no one’s handled these kinds of properties.

Does anyone have experience in this arena? Where and how does an investor find good deals on old homes in historical neighborhoods? Explain how someone can get low-interest government loans to acquire them and renovate them?

Anyone know?

Help appreciated and attributed.


I have invested in historical/preservation neighborhoods with good results. The historical/preservation status provides for minimum standards in rehabbing and other details which make the area desirable to end buyers. Some might consider these minimum standards to be a headache but I think them worthwhile. Consider that these neighborhoods are designated as such not simply because of their age but because there is a story or history to the homes. Also consider that most older homes were built to a higher standard and level of detail than new construction. Also, these homes are often occupied by long term residents thus providing opportunity for owner financed transactions. The key is to find solid unaltered structures in need of modest rehab to bring back the luster and qualify for the historical/preserved designation.