who is Tim Mai????

Hi Rei Members,
Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of or worked with Tim Mai?
I have been getting emails from him and this time it sounds like a pretty good deal to check out so of couse I came here. I have several deals that I want to make and could use some help selling them and or
funding them,theres a webinar tonight (wed) that Id like to sit in on but wanted to make sure its on the up and up.
Thanks again for your help.
nc :smile

Tim Mai in my opinion seems like a goofy witty investor with a lot of courses to sell. But never actually bought his courses, only seen his webinars. I could be way off, but that’s just my 2 cents. If anything you can always ask in the forums anything related to your investments and someone can help or suggest on what you can or should do… good luck