Who is Thomas Kish?

I am trying to find any info on a guy named Thomas Kish I have come across his name a couple of times offering unsecured business lines of credit, but cant find anything good or bad. Thanks for any help.

Here is the complete version of the course:

Set up entity.

Have five figures cash or find partner who does.

Deposit in bank.

Wait three months.

Have 700+ Fico or partner who does.

Apply for biz LOC/CC

Use cash to buy and flip properties.

Rinse and repeat.

Seriously, there is tons more information on CB for free than this guy charges for

Thanks for the feed back, that is pretty much the formula I thought he was trying to sell but finding anything out about him or his program is virtually impossible.Iwill be set up with an LLC in a couple of weeks and am trying to find info on biz loc’s but am not just going to throw money at something. Again thanx for the info.

The key point to his system is the EIN once you set up your LLC, LP, or corp. If you click on the globe under my name. You will be taken to his site to learn more about it. He holds calls on a regular basis. If you sign up on his site to learn more about it. He sends out info on a regular basis.


You said, Have 700+ Fico or partner who does.

According to his audios, the bank contacts he has does not ask about your personal finance.

Maybe I am wrong, but that is what he says.

Darryl Murphy

Hi, excuse my ignorance but what is CB?

That is right, Kish claims that you can get $ 200,000 “right away” if you have a corporation, no matter how bad your own credit score is.

The way I saw it, you get a corporation, then apply for business lines of credit in the corp. name up to $ 200,000!

I have a corp. and did apply… no dice. it is all BS.

Let see, I have 700+ and I mean + on my credit score and only can get maximum of $30K in line of credit for my LLC. Yeah, I can go to other banks and they all will give me $10K to 30K until I’ve been proven. Isn’t it strange that, when you need capital, they need performance record but once you established it, they will give you all the money you want but by then you have all the money you need at that moment. There are more important things to worry about than money since, there are investors that will work with you. If you have all the players and exit strategy in place, you have better chance of getting attention from investors and bankers. Remember, don’t waste time talking to or presenting to a rep or someone who does not have a title as senior or executive in the job title. One more thing, don’t chase the big bank rather, get into small to medium banks that are eager to work with you.

I know I’m promoting myself here, but I think this will help these investors out.

If you walk into a bank they most they can offer you is,as you said, 10-30k. However, using a broker can increase that number considerably. I have a classified ad up about this. If your credit is over 680 I could get you up to 75k on a stated loan on a personal line of credit. If you have 680 credit and a business that is over 2 years old. Depending on your yearly revenue I can get you up to 150k. If you’re curious as to why this sounds too good to be true then let me know.

Why don’t you enlighten us all? :wink:

I’d love to, but it took me quite a bit of work to build these contacts, since I had absolutely no guidence from any fellow brokers. I recommend doing your own due diligence if you want to start offering this product.


If you have a business or a coporation , it is a SBA loan or commercial loan depending on what you are going to do. Most bank like to see a year in business. A Dun and Bradstreet rating helps.

Hello, Tom’s business credit guide has helps thousands of his clients
get over 150 million dollars in business credit and counting.

His system for getting credit for both new and older businesses is proven.

His business credit training videos are even found on YouTube.

What one of Toms clients just wrote about his coaching…

“Hey Tom,
Just a quick note to give you an update. Last month I walked away from the
closing table with a check for over $47,000. Not bad for a tiny condo in a
down market. I knew it was a deal when I saw it. I used your advice and
found a “twist” like you talk about, which in this case was to spend $1800
to convert a studio condo into a legal one bedroom unit. The money for the
down payment, the closing costs and the construction all came from a
business line of credit that I got by using your system.

I purchased 10 condos in the last year and now have a very systematic
process and a very well defined niche. Now others come to me asking
how they can partner with me.

Last night I calculated the equity I have in each of these properties. WOW!

There are a lot of good people that have valuable things to say about
real estate investing. But you are by far the most practical and influential
I have ever found. “

All the best, Mike Peterson - Edina MN

Thanks for the Infomercial, Mike. :rolleyes

no bank is going to give you business credit without a personal guarantee. In order to issue a personal guarantee you will have to use your own personal credit as well, until your business is established enough to earn it’s own credit. So once again, no money, no credit, no problem is a bunch of bull. Don’t waste your money on business credit programs, you need good personal credit to start building business credit.

You can get a “CDLOC” (A line of credit secured by certificate of deposit)…

But very few banks do this.

I have one with a Florida Bank.

  1. In other words, you purchase a CD under your business.

  2. You apply for a “line of credit” that is 100% secured by the CD.

  3. And I think they will allow you to open an account from another State, other than Florida?

  4. You must provide a personal guarantor (…even though this guarantee is only “window dressing” as your line of credit is 100% secured by the certificate of deposit!). I can tell you that your personal credit “as a guarantor” can be very poor. This bank will “approve the deal”, based on the CD.

It took me about 10 days total (from A to Z), to complete my “line of credit” with this bank.

Unlimited check writing (minimum check must be at least $250).
Debit card issued.
Online banking.
Also suggest you open a business checking, in addition to your “line of credit” checking.
An account of this nature will go a long way in establishing good credit patterns for your business.

Many banks will do “secured loans”, but very few banks will do “secured by cash, lines of credit”.

Hope this is helpful?

Let me know and I will pass your name and number over to the Bank’s VP.

Happy Holidays!

Somebody asked what CB was. I believe he was referring to


Lots of info about getting business credit.


Thanks for this link.



Below is his own refund policy link:


it states “30 day money back guarantee” … which turned out to be a LIE! My experience with his company was by far one of the worst. Once he got on the phone, he was extremely rude, and didn’t even give me a chance to explain why I was requesting a refund which was rightfully mine according to his own return policy. Once you talk refund, its like split personalities, which is a shame because a true ethical business man should not cheat people out of there money. His inner circle website has a lot of porn material. Now I know members were probably the ones posting all the obscene material, but I signed up for the website because it was promoted to be a good “networking” and “real estate learning” environment. I am a family man and I wanted a refund because I just didn’t want to go to a place to learn about real estate investing that is surrounded with porn. Plus I have my family and children around all the time. Not cool Tom! Not cool! That’s why I placed a request to cancel my membership that was within the 30 day period. I wouldn’t be complaining if there wasn’t a refund policy… BUT THERE IS! And he told me “there is no refunds for the inner circle website.” I just can’t support anyone who misleads consumers! Again, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CLOWN!!

Once again, I must ask…why are you paying money for CD’s and Bootcamps??? If they were so good, the gurus would be practicing what they preach - but they make more money selling suckers a bunch of bullcrap. :bs

Here’s the BIG SECRET to real estate investing: Save up some money. Put a down payment on a house or pay cash for a cheap house you can fix up. Lease option it to a tenant buyer. Make cash on the flip (2-4 year “flip”) and repeat. You just got this for FREE. If you pay 20k to a guru you’re a sucker. Don’t be a sucker, you owe it to yourself to get education but if the “riches” sound too good to be true…well you know the rest. :beer