who is Homesales inc?

I saw a property in orlando I want to buy. The owner is homesales Inc . Does anyone know the phone number ?How can I reach them> thanks

Where have you tried looking for the number?

Try this link…


John $Cash$ Locke

thank you cash. I will try your number tomorrow. I tried to call two numbers I got online today, no one answered the phone.

As noted, this is just the unit of Chase bank that holds and disposes of their foreclosure inventory.

Also, large banks like Chase DO NOT talk to individual buyers. They list all their property through local real estate agents. If the property hasn’t yet been listed on your local MLS, then it is still in process with the bank, and you’ll have to just wait. When it comes on market, it will probably have a 15-day “first look” period for owner-occupant buyers only, then investors can start bidding. Chase may post the name of the listing agent before it hits the MLS, and you could possibly make contact with the listing agent at that time, to get a little headstart.

thank you d1beard. I learned the basic processes of REO.