Who here is out of the rat race?

How did you get out of the rat race? I’d be interested in hearing from people who are financially free. No right forum for this, so I’ll post it in a few.


I guess it depends on what you mean by financially free… I’m 100% debit free (house, car…everything) so to me that is free but I still have to go to work so I’m not FREE FREE…I want to get to that point ASAP

LOL. Financially free means you don’t have to go to work. Your passive income exceeds your expenses so you don’t have to work if you choose not to.


I could be but have chosen not to! I tried to retire it was boring! I now do this because I want to not because I have to! That makes it more fun all the way around!


I think your idea of “financially free” is too narrow.

Passive income is not the only way to be out of the rat race.

Personally, I’d consider LAL financially free. If you have no debt, then your level of income is determined only by your needs/desires. By being debt free, LAL is not a slave to a job. There is no great pressure of “I have to work everyday to pay my bills.”

Would you not consider a wholesaler “free” just because he doesn’t have passive income from rentals? Even if he made $1 million a year?


I will be out of the rat race on September 30th 2005. Going to Amsterdam to celebrate as this is going to be an amazing step in my life (and my wifes as we both finish on the same day). I had been trying to dig my escape tunnel for the last 7 years and have finally found a dream business. I was searching high and low and always got involved with different opportunities from real estate to internet business’. I studied many successful people (robert kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant changed my lifes direction) and found that there is indeed a science to success and a common thread as to how they became successful. My biggest tips are to be 100% focused on one target, to be passionate about what you do, to be in a business that is beneficial to other people, stretch yourself and aim high as you will develop the neccessary skills along the way, have a strong desire…and most importantly, have persistance! This is a million tip. I am sure most people on this forum would be familiar with Napolean Hills Think and Grow Rich - if you aren’t, go get it and really absorb what is being said. Life is a journey and we need to enjoy every moment and not look for a pot of gold (whatever that may be) at the end. It is who you become on the journey that is important.
I love this stuff and wish everyone all the best in their endeavours.

I love the attitude, Clint…go get 'em Tiger!!!


Free to me is Reoconsultants, not having to do it, but doing it because I want to and I enjoy it… I would be bored to death too if I didn’t have a project to work on…but it has to be my project …not some crap at work that someone drops on my desk

My life has been much more positive since I discovered REI and I know eventually it will only get better. I am so passionate about it I can’t sleep at night I think about it constantly and it always brightens my day. It is so nice knowing once I hit my goal I can say goodbye to working 60 hours a week knowing there is another way to maintain a 6 figure income without being someone’s slave.

“Passive income is not the only way to be out of the rat race.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I haven’t heard an alarm in 7 years & counting.

I drive in the opposite direction of the rats during rush hour because, I can set my own hours.

I work in a pair of gym shorts when it’s hot & a Terry Cloth Bathrobe when it’s cold.

I take multiple vacations every year.

I’m not financially independent yet, but I know I can and probably will be.

How many of the other Rats can say that?