Who Has Used ShortSalesOnly.com ???


I’m thinking of using ShortSalesOnly.com to outsource my negotiations to but I want to ask around to see if anyone has used them yet. I don’t want to invest money in a bad service. Please feel free to give me your opinions either Good/Bad through a post on here (The discussion board) OR on a PM if you want. Thanks in advance!


there was just a thread in the past week on this company.

type in short sale service in the search engine for this site for a few different reviews

I have submitted 5 deals to this company with no success. I am now partnering with a short sale expert to get my shorts done. My advice…don’t do it. When I googled them, I came up with stuff from other sites and e-mail one investor who had the same experience and even confronted Robb/Dianne on their scam of collecting a retainer and then not working the file.

Don’t used Short Sale Only they are a big SCAM. They took my money and I have not heard from them.

As Greg975 mentioned, use this link and type in the web address or a few key words:



How do you get the information on Short sale house?

Just wanted to add that I submitted a short sale package with them also and they never did anything about it and they will not return my money. Stay away from them.

I need to start a website… but I’d plan it better than they did. They obviously couldn’t handle the leads they generated. I’ll do it for 1/2 price of what shortsalesonly.com does it just for REIClub members!

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Actually their prices are increasing next month from $500 to $800.