Who has the highest forclosure rate

I know that Florida was in first in February and Denver was in first in April but does anyone know who is on first now?

All the talk about foreclosure… Does anyone know what types of property they are referring too…Investment, SFH, multi, commerical, etc??? those are the hidden stats they leave out…

Like how much insurance companies make in Fl, yet can ask for a 100% rate hike…

That is so true. They spit out the wosrt facts about a certain sector of the market and dont tell you what they are refering to. Then they spit out the worst case cenerio a month later about a different sector of the market and the general public thinks the market is just falling like meteors. Tis the flipping season folks, lets get it togather!

OHIO IS NUMBER ONE! It’s a matter of state pride. After all, our state government has made Ohio one of the highest taxed states in the United States and our unfriendly business practices have driven many good paying jobs from the state. The state has done everything possible to be #1 in foreclosures short of sending the national guard out to take homes away from the owners at gunpoint! So, don’t be giving our number one title away! We’ve earned it.

Here’s an article that just came out:


The reason that you hear conflicting reports that Ohio and Florida and Texas and California are all number one in foreclosures is that they are quoting different statistics. Are we talking about the state with the highest number of new foreclosure filings, or mortgages in foreclosure, or the highest rate of foreclosures, or the highest number of foreclosrues in the last month (or year)? So, with all these different categories, there can be many “winners”.


Hmmm, high taxes and unfriendly for business. Since when did Ohio get annexed by Calif? All you need is some Canadians sneaking border to take “jobs Americans won’t do” and you’ll be all set! :biggrin

Canadians in sombreros… :smile