Who else feels short sales are slowing down?

Hey I just wanted some input…does it seem that short sale have been dying down a little?

For me the REOs have kind of been the main source of deals but I still see so much stuff on short sales because it was such a buzzword.

Do you think it is more of a local market trend or are you all seeing short sales dying down?

I think its like when you buy a car… No notice everyone else bought it too…

I actually track not only foreclosures, but short sales in the North Central Texas area (includes Dallas/Fort Worth). In October of last year, we had about 252 “Active” short sales in the area. I checked last week and we only had 62.

I talked with a couple agents and most told me that basically agents had heard horrow stories and most were avoiding short sales. I am sure that if agents knew what they were doing, well, they’d be more. Remember, most sellers don’t even know what a short sale is, so it’s up to the agents, or even some investors, that know what they’re doing that could/should drive the market…

I don’t think so that short term sales are going down but the short sales become the new trend in market.!!! :anon