Who does Out-Of-State Investing?

Looking to see how many people do just ‘local’ investing/rehabbing/etc… or how many people actually invest out of their area, in the ‘Hot Areas’ in todays market.


I had a friend who did that with a condo he got on a short sale. It didn’t end well, and not because of the tennants. He had relatives “manage” the place and they did a poor job. To make things worse, there was a water leak in a condo above his and the water damage mean insurance headaches and a displaced tennant.

The good news is he got such a deal on it, he will likely sell it for a small profit.

I only invest locally.


I know MY market so it doesn’t makes sense to me to invest in a market I am not familiar with. That is, unless you have somebody there that you completely trust and have worked with before that can manage/rehab the property for you.

the key to REI (IMHO) is truly understanding your market and what constitutes an excellent deal. I only invest in places I have lived in and have significnt contacts/person in the area.

Yes, I do a good bit of out-of-state investing, but only in very specific areas/markets