Who do you use for a telephone answering service?

What have you guys found to be the best and least expensive telephone answering service/system out there? I have just got to get one; the phone is driving me and my help crazy! It is so funny how a simple business gets so complicated after awhile. With CPA’s, Accountants, Lawyers, marketing companies, website seo, and marketing people, plus many more ugh!

I need the answering service to:

Answer calls from motivated sellers (people who need to sell quickly), screen them, maybe run comps ect, then forward the info to me.

Answer calls from buyer/investors people who want to purchase the fixer uppers.

Answer regular business calls and email there info to me, so I can reply via email, versus phone.

Answer the calls 24/7

Give them scripts to use.

Or use a telephone routing system, “if you want to sell push #1”; “if you want to purchase push #2” ect.

Thank you in advance for your help,


Caught you on television over the internet during the big Auction that Hudson & Marshal did in Las Vegas. Next thing your know you will be appearing on the Strip.

From the prices I saw they were getting for houses, why do you need a phone service. Just purchase a fleet of RV’s and park them at the local WalMart parking lots, with signs saying I Buy Houses. Have them manned 24/7, however you will need crowd control, so hire some security guards to keep the large lines flowing correctly.

John $Cash$ Locke

Hi John,
your killing me, that i perfect, humm wonder what Wheeler RV is doing these days! LOL, trust you have been doing good?

You know whats funny, I posted this at all the websites i know and maybe got 3 replies, thought investors would know this, but hey I don’t either!


Things are going great, added the Auction Method of buying and selling to my tool box so to speak and having some fun with using it.

If anyone can figure out how to use the answering service I am sure you can.

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So Bill,

What is this supposed to be, a pop quiz or something?

I will throw one out there to see if this is the one you are thinking of. I hear about PatLive a lot.

check this post http://www.reiclub.com/forums/index.php/topic,30794.msg144534.html#msg144534

I would do a few things

I would have a 24 hour recorded message line for the sellers and buyers that call your ads and marketing.

You would have a phone tree hotline system when you want to push #1 for this and # for that


perhaps a www.gotvmail.com account for your regular office calls

if there is a message you will get it in an email

you can go a step further …

i get my calls forwarded from the gotvmail to my cell (instead of giving my cell phone directly) and then use www.simulscribe.com

this has the message transcribed and audio file sent via email or text

i have blackberry so I look at it right away

This is good since I rarely answer the call if the number is not recognized and I hate sitting at the end of the day trying to write all my messages





i would call them and find out

Don’t use telephone answering machine because the client or customer may be disappointed. It is better if you hire people for answering service. The typical method use by among companies.

What an amazing idea you have here. It is very important to have a live person on the other end of the phone for your leads that come in. If you have spent loads of money on a marketing lauch and can’t get to all the calls, you have wasted your time and money. Then you will be looking like this guy —> :banghead

We use Coaphone Solutions. http://www.gettelecenter.com/default.aspx . Inexpensive. Works as advertised. So far, no problems. This may be a business set up and operated by Dean ********. www.deangraziosi.com At any rate we learned about it reading his material.

By the way, I am not, in any way, affiliated with either of these organizations beyond being a recipient of services they provide.

I use a company out of Ohio that is dirt cheap, open 24/7, and does a fantastic job. MUCH cheaper than PatLive, and they don’t outsource the work overseas so your callers will actually be speaking to an American with an American accent.

Ask for David Burgess at www.cmrinc.com and tell him Archie Knuckles sent you.

Just hired a guy yesterday from the Craigslist to screen phone calls, and put out signs for me. This guy seems pretty ready. Can’t wait to put him to work. I will be paying him 10 dollars an hour, 5 hours a day. You can get so much done in 5 hours.