who do I charge the assignment fee to?

The way I have been doing my assigment fee, negotiate a price with the seller say 100,000. Then I take on an assigment of 5000 so then the title needs 105,000 to close the deal. My question is there a better way to put the assigment fee in?
what if I want to charge half my assigment to the seller and half to the buyer?

Your end buyer pay for the assignment fee, since you are assigning the contract to the buyer.

So the purchase price for the property is 100,000 then an assignment addendum attached that ads 5,000. Does that make the (Total Purchase Price) 105,000 on the front page of the contract?

No. assignment fee is the fee thats paid by your end buyer or investor. you are assigning your contract to them for the fee. there is a seperate form that’s used for assignments. ex. if you you sign a purchase agreement to buy property from the seller, this contract will have a clause in it that give you an option to assign this contract. . Then you wanna assign all your rights on the contract, to your end buyer or investor for a fee.

The investor/ end buyer will be the one giving you the assignment fee ryt? so it means after you get the ass. fee, you have no interest in the deal now…