Who can i get advise from?


I have been investing in real estate for 2 yrs. now. Now I dont know if I’m doing this the right way, and if I am what to do now. Does anyone know of a phone number or someone who can give me advise on realestate investing.

Thank you

Post the question(s) on here. That is what it is for. Keep the questions short and you will get a better response. good luck :slight_smile:

use google search engine and enter real estate investing. The number of information sources will offer you unlimited help sources. You could also contact your local chamber of commerce and ask this question. They should be able to steer you to good local info. Where you are in the country will slant the value of each persons information. What works in Texas might and might not be the best way in Maine. Hpe this helps, Bob

One of the best choices I made in my REI and the best pull (outside of forums) for resources was to join a local chapter of a national REI organizaiton. Look for clubs/orgs in your local area.

Talk to the people in your area that tackle the same issues you face. This also provides a large resource for contractors, mentors, discount programs and the list goes on.