Who are you using for Legal Advise?

What are people doing for legal advise on these transactions? I’m looking at either joining a pre-paid legal service, or trying to find a Real Estate attorney. Just wondered what others are doing. I’d like to have someone looking over my sholder on these transactions.

Finding an attorney with real estate investing contract experience is taking several phone calls. (I’m in Kansas City).

I use a board certified residential and commercial real estate attorney who also gives MCE classes. Prepaid legal…not the type of people I want on my side. I want a real estate specialst.

in my experience you need to find an attorney that has the RE experience and knowledge of the area of REI you are specializing in. At worst, they cannot be a general legal counsel.

I am going to signup with a prepaid paralegal company. They are very cheap, around $30/month or so. It is cheaper than a lawyer for everyday tasks. I have a lawyer as a backup, but he charges way too much for my liking :slight_smile:

Yep. prepaid.

What sort of services does a prepaid paralegal service provide? I can’t say i’ve heard REI’s using those services before.

you get what you pay for! :o

you get what you pay for. yep, and that is legal services. They are real attorneys not some internet college degrees. They are paid up front for the year. Then if you go over the amount allotted, then you have to pay accordingly.

okie dokie ;D