Who are the Sub2 Experts

Folks, who are the sub2 experts on this board?

I am a student of Mr. Locke and certainly read after him, but who are the others who have attained success and have been active posters here? I would just like to read their posts and experiences. Please no rookies. This is serious business that I am basing my financial livilihood on.

Thanks to anyone who takes time out to post.

there’s nothing complicated about subject to financing. just find out what the current owner/seller is paying and the terms of the note and that’s what you’ll be paying. You’ll pay to the same lender(s) that are in place now. So just ask the seller what they pay!


Thanks for taking time to write.

I am an experienced investor, but I want to become an expert on sub2, and I will. I am driven like few are. :biggrin REI is truly a compulsion I have had for over 20 years.

I have uncovered a few sub2 experts on my own, but want to learn and read after as many as possible. It’s all about stacking the odds in my favor and greatly reducing the learning curve.

One must be very careful whose advice one follows on public discusion boards or doom is certain. This is why I asked for others who have been here awhile to point me the path.


I can understand that! There is a lot of bad advice online, and I have found quite a bit of bad advice on this site in my short time being a member. but the old timers here seem to have a good handle on things.

You are a student of one of the best in the industry, not sure what anyone else can add to John’s knowledge.

I think John is the bomb… By far the go to guy…

I have written two courses…

The fundamentals of success and

Subject to investing the non qualifying way to buy and sell housing

I haven’t seen your second course yet Michael! is it posted for sale anywhere?

And your “Buy Now” button on your products/publications page is not working, might want to fix that :wink:

I know… I guess I have made enough money… Attually we have been so busy programming fuctionality that we havent had time to worry about selling…

Yes I do have a sub2 course any one who wants it let me know.

Hey Guys / Gals:

I am working on a sub-2 with seller taking back. No interest or payment on the seller hold back…Balloon in 1 year. The seller only wants to recoup the different from the current balance and what he paid 3 years ago. the purchase price is $360k. He was making double payment, so the balance is $287. He will carry the difference of $72k.

My question is, what forms do I need for a deal like this. Also, do I need to close with a title company or attorney when the seller is essentially financing the deal? Any advise would help. thanks.

William Tingle is very good at sub-2’s. Sub2deals.com I think is his website.