Who Are The Best Motivational Speakers For A Real Estate Conference?

Here are some great Real Estate speakers that I have found through my online research on Bigspeak. They would be great for a real estate conference & event:


You do realize none of these 3 people are actually real estate investors per say!

Fredrik Eklund made his money in the IT industry and used to be a gay porn star! Yes, he’s a real estate agent (Broker) but not a real estate investor that I know of?

Ivanka and Eric Trump work for the real estate development Trump Group but are not real estate investors per say with their own money, they invest family money owned by their father Donald into ventures for the Trump Group!


I’ll tell you who NOT to listen to…

Grant Cardone! That guy is the biggest loudmouth on the face of the planet. He might be a sales expert, but not a real estate expert, despite his holdings of large apartment complexes.

Try listening to…

Yourself, your realtor, Gold River, Javipa…

Maybe your local real estate investment club, but watch out for people who have been “flipping” for decades because they obviously don’t know what they’re doing or they wouldn’t still be flipping.

This all hinges on whether you have cash to get in to multifamily investing.

I’ve run a trailer park for about 10 months now. Keep everything maintained (good product), screen tenants carefully to keep the place safe and avoid the time consuming and costly eviction process. Other than that… Just collect rent.

I tried being nice at first, but people take advantage of it…

I’ve heard good things about Barbara Corcoran as a speaker and personally enjoyed her book.

Some great general motivational speakers (not necessarily RE related) are Tony Robbins and Les Brown. They are probably hard to book however. :smile

Wow…never expected the Trump sons

Apart from the op being a complete spamming troll, what in the crap is Ivanka Trump going to motivate me to do as a speaker? Just curious.

I don’t need someone to motivate me What am I? Two years old and need daddy and mommy to motivate me to take my first baby steps? Pffft. BTW, aren’t most babies motivated already? Otherwise, they would just sit, drool, and poop themselves until they were, I don’t know, thirty. What am I missing here.

Meanwhile, I’m plenty motivated already. I’m motivated to learn how to make more money, save more money, manage more money, and do it all faster, easier, and more reliably than before. After that, Ivanka Trump can, maybe she can get me a sammich. I don’t care.

I am still sort of new with real estate but I have attended dozens of decent local lectures/presentations. A few were really good. A couple were gurus that were definately worth listening to. All of them were trying to sell some product at the end of the show.

However the best stuff I have found so far is at this website forum.

Try listening Tom Ferry’s speeches in Youtube. Tom Ferry is considered as the #1 ranked Real Estate Educator. He is a renowned speaker whose charisma and personality have captivated audiences

That sounds more like self-promotion than real motivational speeches.
@heartlandbuyshouses, I will check him out, sounds promising.