Who Are Current Owners

Does anyone here know a site to find out who recently purchased a property? Trying to find the owner of a prop? Thanks

Your counties recorders office…look up the deed.

Try going to http://www.netronline.com/public_records.htm

select your state and county. Some counties do not have a site and will require you physically visit them.

Thank you. I’ll try it. I’m looking for a new deed in Indiana but I’m in California.

Call the county tax assessor. They will should give you the name and address over the phone. It’s public record.


If you haven’t already, make a contact with your preferred Title company. (I use Placer title, they’re in CA. though maybe not in your county. Tell them that they will be your preferred title company and you’ll use them when you have a choice. Comes in handey to have them know your deals etc. They usually have Customer Servce “dept.” that handles these inquiriies and will provide you with info ove rthe phone or documents via e-mail.

When you have chance, go in and have them show you their system and how much information they can get, reports they can provide etc.

Good Luck



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Try the post office

Even if the Post Office will tell you, it will only be able to tell you who receives mail there, not necessarily the owners.


Well then how about sitting on their front steps nd waiting for them to come home.Sometimes (99.999999999999999999%) of the time you will need to piece togather information to get your answer.dont get discouraged or procrastinate because they dont make a property homeowners directory.