Which will work better? This might make me quite a bit of cash?

I wrote a program to go threw the delinquent tax PDF. What I do is grab the property ID of each house over $1500 and do something called “web scrapping” It loops threw all the ID’s to the county web site and sends my program all the html off the site for each ID. Just like I did a search on the site for that ID. Then I go threw the HTML and search for the owners name and address. Now. I can send letters to that address asking if they need to sell their house, BUT… I can also tell if the owner is at a different address then the property address. Possible landlord?? Think I would get a good response doing a mailing to them? Sooner or later I should sell this stuff.

Yes, I think that’s a great idea. Espeically the ones where the address doesn’t match, and even better if its out of state. Mind sharing that program for others to test out?

PM me if you would, I wouldn’t mind checking that out.

Well. It will be different for each pdf. As far as giving it away, I would not be much of a businessman if I did that. I have not thought about it, but maybe I could do anyone’s for a fee. PM me if you are interested.

How easily one can get distracted :slight_smile: do you think your time is better spent marketing this product/service or buying houses? :wink:

As far as what you described, each county has a completely different system so you will end up spending good amount of time trying to figure out how to adapt it to that county’s records…etc.

Well. It is not my goal to make this work for everybody. I just want it to work for me. I don’t care about selling this. I just wanted to know if the idea about getting the different addresses from the tax records is a good idea. But on the other hand, I can program, and if someone ask me for the thing, I am going to try to make money with it. My thing is, I have about 600 addresses here that this program spit out and I don’t have much cash to waste on marketing that does not work.

I would start your marketing with the addresses of out of state owners. After that, go on to out of area owners or the owners that are recieving their bills at addresses other than the property address.

Hope this helps.


Why Out of state??

because they are typically much more motivated. Problem rentals in other states, probates, inherited property. Most of those people only see those properties as 2 things. 1) money 2) a problem property.