Which site is BEST for COMPS? Sitexdata.com or Dataquick.com

I heard that www.sitexdata.com and www.dataquick.com are good sites for obtaining comps. Does anybody out there have experience with these sites? Do you have opinions as to which one is more accurate? Any feedback you have regarding these sites is much apprecitated. :beer

Their comps are way off for Texas since Texas is non disclosure state. They estimate the value, and each one I saw was off.

Thanks for your feedback Fadiz. Does anybody in other cities have feedback regarding using sitexdata.com or dataquick.com for comps? Especially in the Denver area since that is where I am.

A free service which is pretty good is www.zillow.com, i use it alot for my comps. Let me know how it works out. Thanks

The free sites that offer “comps” are generally worth what you pay for them. . .nothing. I have used zillow, as well as another site called realestateabc.com. At best, the free sites are nothing more than a starting point. But for an accurate idea of a property’s value, you’ll need to use one of the sites that charge. The prices are nominal, by the way, and well worth it when you consider you are making an investment that is worth multiple thousands of dollars of profit to you.
In addition to sitexdata and dataquick, I recommend homesmartreports.com.

Thanks for the feedback. Back to my original question:

Does anybody have an opinion as to which of these offers the best comps- Sitexdata.com or Dataquick.com?

Pretty clear to me – neither. Use a Realtor or an appraiser. On-line appraisals are trash…