Which Short Sale Course?

Hi All!
I want to get started doing short sales. There are so many courses available. ::slight_smile: I would love to know what, if any, courses have truly been successful for y’all. Not just a course that you “like”, but a course that actually helped you close short sales and put checks in your pocket! :smiley:

There are quite a few courses listed on this site. These are: Bank Repossessed Homes, Foreclosure Fortunes in Your Own Backyard, How to Leave Your Job in 90 Days,
Making Money with Short Sales, Short Sale Secrets

Other courses on REIdepot are: Short Sale in a Box, Super Success Short Sale System, Your Insiders Guide to Successful Short Sales

Courses on Creonline are: Short Sale Secrets: No Equity = Big Bucks, Internet Bonus #2, Mitigate This! The Short Sale Alternative, Shut up and Stick to the Script, Bankruptcy: The Banks Worst Nightmare, Equity Partnering Agreement

Another course that is on Ebay is: Loss Mitigation: Ethical Foreclosure Fortunes.

I’m sure there are others. As I said, I want to know if any of these courses, or any other course, has really put cash in your bank account. And with some honest, hard work, can put some cash in mine, too!

I appreciate all input! ;D