Postcards or Letters

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That depends on what type of postcard or letter and which type of prospect and what your preemptive or follow-up campaigns are.

I currently mail out 3 different types of letters and one post card and am producing the results to cause me to buy houses.

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Post cards for lead generation. After appointment and for follow up I use letter/greeting card. The key is to make the message personal. I know several investors use the Yellow letter (not me).

Bandit Signs, is they work also. Not a big fan of them. I have a guy that puts them out for SELLING houses. It is still a problem. We got cited again with a warning.

Just a couple ideas.

Whoa. It depends on who you are sending your marketing piece to and what is the message: A general “We buy houses” if you know anyone who needs our help. - Then maybe a post card works. If someone is facing foreclosure, you better use a friendly and compassionate letter or you will piss off the recipient. Would you want everyone to know you are in a pickle as the mail carrier and neighbor who might read a post card that says: “let me help you out of your house before you are foreclosed upon”.

Testing is key to any marketing…send both and decide for yourself…in your market…in your situation…for what you are looking for…

Assuming it gets read, a good letter will typically out-pull a postcard simply because you have more room to make your case. And the longer the letter the better, as long as the content is interesting, specific, and relevant (but not boring).

The problem with letters is getting them opened and read. People have to stop and open a letter then be compelled to read it. You won’t have that problem with a postcard (they don’t even have to open it).